What You Know About The New T.I. Album?

Jun 25th, 2007 // 4 Comments

tivstip.jpgARTIST: T.I.
TITLE: T.I. vs. T.I.P.
WEB DEBUT: June 24, 2007
RELEASE DATE: July 3, 2007
SOUND QUALITY: 192 kbps, though there are some cackles and pops toward the end of the album.
ONE-LISTEN VERDICT:There are few moments that jump out right away, including the spooky “Tell ‘Em I Said That” and “Respect This Hustle,” both produced by Danja; even the Wyclef-assisted “You Know What It Is” isn’t that bad. But the album’s titular concept–in which T.I. battles himself, or some imagined-foe version of himself, or something like that–never quite gels, even over the course of 17 songs. And we’d gladly pay someone to never again have to hear Busta Rhymes rap about Jacob the Jeweler.
WHERE TO FIND THE BEST TRACK: “Tell ‘Em” is over at the Fader blog.

  1. Bazooka Tooth

    What I know about the new TI album?
    That this release will talk about rims, ice, clothes, hoes, and all things totally unoriginal and boring, and will be considered a *hit* because it will sell a million ringtones.

  2. Anonymous

    For his sake, I hope it goes over better than Tyrese’s alter ego project…or Garth Brooks’ “Chris Gaines” shit.

  3. Aleb

    It’s more of the same (read: “King”), for me, though the first half ain’t bad. Rappers still have to even consider trimming the unnecessary songs from their records, whereas thankfully R&B artists are putting out 12 songs/50′ albums lately. Maybe it’s just me, but 20 tracks on a 78 minute album have become simply too much to tolerate.

  4. balefire1

    i hate when a talented rapper goes from “before they blew up” bravado like the classic t.i. line “to play me/baby/hey he/ gonna need a track from god/ featurin’ jesus and jay-z” to rapping about their cars, their jewelry etc

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