Neil Young Gives Axl Rose A Run For His Money

Jun 26th, 2007 // 5 Comments

neilbeforezod.jpgYesterday, Billboard announced that Neil Young’s multi-disc Archives box set–which was supposed to finally come out later this year–has been moved to 2008. This thing been in the works for years now: A quick look through the archives unearths a Rolling Stone news piece by David Fricke, who notes that the project “has been a decade in preparation,” and that it will be out “in the third quarter of this year.” Said article was published in April of 2000. What work could Young possibly have left to do? It only takes a few weeks to digitally airbrush David Crosby’s more druggy background vocals.

Anyway, with nearly twenty years of production time to its credit, Young’s Archives beats Chinese Democracy as the music industry’s go-to long-delayed punchline (though, for joke-making purposes, “Chinese Democracy” rolls off the tongue much easier*). We’ll see who can hold out longest, but we’re guessing that by the time Young finishes with this thing, there will be no free world left within which to rock. In the meantime, we’ll all have to make to do with the live albums he’s been putting out in the past year, which include such stunning moments as this:

Neil Young – On The Way Home (Live At Massey Hall 1971) [MP3, link expired]

* For example, saying “Alice Sebold’s new novel has taken so long, it’s like the Neil Young’s multi-disc archive box set of publishing” doesn’t quite work.


  1. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee


    Actually, I’m more excited for the second volume of the archives. That box should address rarities from the “Ditch Trilogy” era, including the live performance of “Tonight’s the Night” in its entirety.

  2. pjohn


    i had just officially let down my guard and gotten excited that i was going to have this this year.

  3. Chris Molanphy

    I’m guessing Neil’s agonizing over this because the rarities box is what he really cares about, and it probably won’t include “hits.” (Don’t expect to pick it up for “Heart of Gold.”)

    Prediction: the label will let Neil keep dithering on this, and meanwhile, sometime in the next year or two they’ll release a trim three-disc box with all the mainstream stuff, and it’ll sell well at the holidays. That is, if Neil doesn’t have a control clause in his contract, and they can negotiate all the Geffen and Warner stuff.

  4. Walewander

    If the label did have that type of control, they would have released a box set like that years ago.
    It’s pretty incredible that Neil doesn’t have a box set. when Bob Marley and Johnny Cash each have about 75.

    Oh, and any “greatest hits” package ain’t gonna use much of the Geffen shit anyways, even though “comin Apart At Every Nail,” “Mideast Vacation,” and “People On The Street” and some others are great songs.

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