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Jun 26th, 2007 // 2 Comments

- The career of British rock artist Johnny Kidd. [Spread The Good Word !]
- It’s T.I./T.I.P. Week at TSS. [The Smoking Section]
- In a touching example of inter-format compatibility, the Analog Giant luvs the Digital Invaders. [Analog Giant]
- Gang Green gets trashed (as in drunk, that is). [Barstool Mountain]


  1. rocknrollwife

    What a nice Johnny Kidd & the Pirates nostaglia kick. Though I can’t help thinking of MUD’s 1974 glam rock version of TIGER FEET. Someone fetch me the KTEL Glam Rock Greats, Stat!

  2. AnnaBananarchy

    oh man Motorhead & Girlschool’s cover of Please Don’t Touch has gotta be one of the best covers ever!

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