’90s Reunion Craze Officially Scrapes The Bottom Of The Barrel

Jun 27th, 2007 // 26 Comments

Perhaps inspired by the lackluster success of Institute and the gobs of press his wife, Gwen Stefani, got for reuniting No Doubt last weekend, Gavin Rossdale is going around and insinuating that the members of Bush may be ready to come back down from their individual clouds:

[Rossdale] told DJ Ryan Seacrest, “I kinda miss the band thing. I loved being in the band. It’s kind of like a team.”

And as for the rumors Bush are among the surprise acts at Live Earth on July 7, Rossdale said, “I’m in… There could be some truth in it, I’m up for it.”

Not that we have a problem with a little bit of ’90s nostalgia, but at this rate, there will be no bands from that decade left to reunite by the time 2010 rolls around–seriously, we’re already expecting to receive a breathless press release about the Dink reunion before the week is out.

Rossdale Fuels Bush Reunion Reports [Starpulse, via A Socialite's Life]


  1. FionaScrapple

    Also of

  2. FionaScrapple

    Also of interest…”Lithium”, Central Virginia’s premier Nirvana tribute band has officially announced a reunion gig @ the Canal Club on August 5th. Get your tickets early folks!

  3. AL

    this is shameful to admit, but you can count me as one of maybe a handful of people who would be interested in a dink reunion…

  4. Al Shipley

    It always irritates me when there’s talk of a band reunion trend or ‘craze.’ Most bands break up at some point, often because at least one member thinks they can sell records/tickets without those other guys. And when they realize they can’t, inevitably the band gets back together. It’s a constant cycle happening all the time regardless of whether their original fanbase actually feels nostalgia for them and turns up at the gigs in the numbers they once did.

  5. rinjonjori

    If you can get past the Nirvana comparisons Bush was pretty solid. Though I think an STP reunionat this point just aint gonna happen.

  6. the escapist

    I will still keep lighting candles for a Failure reunion.

  7. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    I await the inevitible Ruth Ruth reunion with bated breath.

    Here’s hoping they open with “Uninvited,” ’cause I’m leaving as soon as they’re done with that number.

  8. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    @the escapist: Ooh. Seconded.

    Would you have ever figured that Edwards’s post-Failure work would be far superior to that of Andrews’s?

  9. NickEddy

    Filter wouldn’t be the same with non-original members.

  10. cassidy2099

    “Would you have ever figured that Edwards’s post-Failure work would be far superior to that of Andrews’s?”

    I thought Ken Andrew’s second On record was fantastic, and Year of the Rabbit was a solid, albeit extremely unsuccessful record. His new album under his own name suffers a bit from some samey sounding middle tracks, but he’s still creative and interesting.

    Speaking of Bush though, if you go back and listen , they were pretty bad. Golden State in particular was amazingly terrible.

  11. katieee

    @Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee: I saw Ruth Ruth open for No Doubt back in the day. How ironical!

  12. ass-hat

    have puddle of mudd and staind split up yet? cos, like, if tbey have, then they could reform and go on tour with bush? that would be so awesome.

  13. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    @cassidy2099: I wasn’t a fan of the Year of the Rabbit album. At all.

    Weird, as I really liked the EP! The three originals were pretty good… The cover of “I Wanna Be Adored” was pretty cool, too.

    The only thing that stands out about that first On album is “C’mon Collapse.” I can’t say I’m that familiar with the second disc…

    Anybody still own that Lusk disc? Heh.

  14. Julio Allison


  15. Roger Kaputnik

    Bush reunion? Just when Andy Cohen thinks he’s out, they pull him back in . . .

  16. Ned Raggett

    Anybody still own that Lusk disc? Heh.

    HI DERE.

    I think A Perfect Circle put the seal on Failure’s worth with the cover of “The Nurse Who Loved Me,” though that said I was never truly moved by them…

  17. Wasp vs Stryper

    Lets make this really fun people. How’s about a MTV Buzz Bin circa 1993/1994 reunion? All of the bands that had “Buzz Bin” videos or were on those compilations could get back together and there could be an entire tour, culminating in a big outdoor three day festival.

    To cut down on costs and make this whole thing green by not wasting energy, each band plays the one or two songs that made them big and even got them onto MTV, and then gets off the stage.

    I’m talking DIG (Believe), SPONGE (Plowed, 16 Candles), FOUR NON BLONDES (What’s Going On), MAGNAPOP (Slowly, Slowly), THE NIXONS (Sister) and PRIMITIVE RADIO GODS (abnormally long song title involving the words broken phonebooth and change).

  18. the escapist

    @Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee: I never expected it either- I held out some high hopes for On but alas.

    Also to add to the Buzz Bin reunion, I’ll take Lush (Ladykillers) but sadly that won’t happen and Belly (Feed the Tree).

  19. cstmr srvc

    hmm. i wouldnt consider lush to be a buzz bin/one hit wonder act.
    ladykillers was a late career single, and although it was a great track, from an underrated album, is considered largely unrepresentative of the band at its “peak”.

    that being said, my hopes are up for a full-on velocity girl reunion.

  20. cstmr srvc

    and also, imagine the cross marketing supernova that would surround a no doubt/bush summer 08 tour.

  21. cstmr srvc

    errr… sorry for the triple, but in order to officially debunk the headline of the post, and provide the actual bottom of the barrel:

    Full-length versions of two new CANDLEBOX songs – “Stand” and “Surrendering” – are available for streaming via the band’s MySpace page. Both tracks are expected to appear on the reunited band’s first album of new material, tentatively due later in the year. A live concert DVD, entitled “Alive in Seattle”, is also slated for release before the end of 2007.

    (via blabbermouth)

  22. Anonymous

    Archers of Loaf!

    GO LOAF!

  23. Butch Huskey

    i love nostalgia, because you forget how much things sucked

    for instance KROQ 1993 charts [www.radiohitlist.com] … Ace of Base placed one spot higher than Alice in Chains … most of the bands i’d want to see, would just depress me seeing how they’ve aged … but i may be on board with a
    Dig / Paw / Candyskins / Breeders / old stuff Liz Phair tour

    or these guys … [www.youtube.com]

  24. JustThisGuy

    Oh bugger all that, can we just please get Ashcroft and McCabe back together, if only to stop good ol’ Richie from putting out those execrable solo efforts?

  25. sarahrose

    i’m sorry, i’m still reeling from the “DJ Ryan Seacrest” part of this post.

  26. telophaser

    Here here RE Dink. While we’re at it, let’s resurrect whole tours and rebook them for another go-around.

    In 1994, I saw Pop Will Eat Itself tour with Dink and Compulsion and it was one of the best shows I saw as a wee high-schooler. PWEI’s back together, Dink doesn’t seem to have done fuck-all since then, and Compulsion has given us Jackknife Lee, who in recent years has leeched any interestingness Snow Patrol could have ever offered and simultaneously dismantled U2′s atomic bomb.

    Someone tell Lee to find Josephmary and put on his rapejacket and get back out on stage. In the meantime, I’ll find Dink. I think one of them pumped my gas last weekend.

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