Like “Guitar Hero,” Minus The Guitar And/Or Heroism

geetar.jpgA demonstrator shows off the “Airguitar Pro” at today’s Tokyo Toy Show. The device–which will be released in Japan next month–comes only with the head and neck of a guitar, and allows users to play along with songs using infrared technology. It also apparently turns you into Tortelvis.

[Photo: Getty Images]

  • Ned Raggett

    The Rapinator finally has some competition.

  • AcidReign

    &nbsp &nbsp I can only imagine how terrible a little box like that is going to sound! “The Attitude Song” on kazoos…

  • CloneOfAaron

    Wait, what the heck is that Rapinator thing? Sounds like an evil date rape robot.
    As for the air guitar itself: both hilariously dorky and awesome.