BurnLounge Turns Its Focus To Selling Music, Pyramid Builders Embark On Spammy New Venture

Jun 28th, 2007 // Comment

burnlounge.pngThe beleaguered music-selling site Burnlounge has decided to change its tune, ridding its business of the network-marketing aspects in order to dodge charges by the Federal Trade Commission. The company released a statement last night that read, in part:

“Network marketing was a unique channel to promote our products, but the strategic decision to voluntarily remove this part of our business was the right decision on all fronts,” said Grant D. Johnson, chairman and chief executive officer, BurnLounge. “With this hearing behind us, we are aggressively moving forward and will focus on our new free model to help fuel the next evolution business growth to better benefit our employees, artists, partners and independent retailers.”

According to a statement released by BurnLounge, people who made money off the site will still keep making their money by selling “higher-margin goods”–like 3121 Perfume, perhaps?–but the lure of actually making money off of music isn’t enough for some former members of the company, if an unsolicited e-mail we received last night is to be believed:

Subject: Must Read if You’re From Burnlounge!

You all know by now that the network marketing opportunity in Burnlounge is over.

However, the fortune available to you in network marketing will continue to exist. The top networkers from Burnlounge are already positioning themselves in other companies to start building a lifetime of income.

Many of them are now with us because we have been researching the industry for the past 16 years and have positioned ourselves in the companies which are here to stay!

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The Young Millionaires

Is it legit? Well, we ran a Google search on the phone number in the e-mail, and it turned up one cached hit: An ad enticing people to “WORK FROM HOME and get paid when you are your friends take cruises and go on vacation.” So it’s pretty unlikely that the “industry” these people have been researching for the past 16 years isn’t the music industry–although the syntax of the ad we found makes us wonder if the new opportunity involves an attempt to sell Quantum Leap-inspired technology.

BurnLounge Dodges The Bullet [Hypebot]

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