Blaze Of Glory: The Beginning Of The End


(Ed. note: Tomorrow’s my last day, and after almost a year of low-brow one-liners and overly porous “opinion” rants, I got nothin’ left. So I’m going to spend the rest of my time lazily piling on the MP3s. Some of these are tracks I never got around to putting up in the first place, while others are tunes that went up back when we had about seven readers.)

ARTIST J ChurchALBUM Nostalgic For Nothing, a 1995 rarities and singles compilationBACKGROUND Of all the pop-punk-whatever bands that I burned through in the ’90s, J Church holds up the best: Lance Hahn’s one-liners and observations only get funnier as you get older, and despite parlaying a half-dozen or so power chords into hundreds of songs, he never lost the quality vs. quantity battle. Some proof:

J Church – Panama [MP3, link expired]J Church – Ivy League College [MP3, link expired]J Church [MySpace]