Blaze Of Glory: Hey, That Cat’s Doing Something Funny!

Jun 28th, 2007 // 2 Comments

sample_sale.jpgARTIST: The Green Arrows
SONG: “Towering Inferno,” from 4-Track Recording Session
BACKGROUND: A lot of early Idolator ideas didn’t work: “Hey, Asshole!” never quite took off, despite our best efforts, and “Win A Date With Shaun Ryder” nearly got us arrested. But I’ll always be a little bummed that “Sample Sale”* fizzled: The one-time-only franchise asked readers to take elements from a little-known song, and then incorporate them into their own track (total number of submissions: Zero). I wanted it to work, if only for two reasons: 1) “Towering Inferno,” which was recorded in the ’70s by Zimbabwe’s the Green Arrows, is a truly beautiful song; and 2) I liked the picture of the cat playing DJ. They’re truly nature’s little clip art.

The Green Arrows – Towering Inferno [MP3, link expired]
* And yes, I accidentally published the original on the site about twenty minutes ago. I still have no idea how to work this tech crap.


  1. Kate Richardson

    Brian, I love that your last day “fuck it” instinct is cat pictures and first person. I’d definitely go a similar route in your position.

    Awesome song, too.

  2. Kate Richardson

    Nerd alert: it’s bugging me so I’ll clarify…first person singular. I’m aware that the royal We is actually also first person.

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