Blaze Of Glory: Kelis Was Here, Multiple Times

Jun 28th, 2007 // 4 Comments

keliswas.jpgARTIST: Kelis
SONG: “Trilogy,” from last year’s Kelis Was Here
BACKGROUND: Artists we’ve done to death on the site: Amerie, My Chemical Romance, LCD Soundsystem, Ash, Bill Jensen, Justin Timberlake, Prince, R. Kelly and Ash. We also went a little coconuts last year for Kelis, who still can’t catch a break, despite putting out a half-great album with potential singles like this:

Kelis – Trilogy [MP3, link expired]

  1. Dan Gibson

    Bill Jensen is an “artist” now?

  2. sarahrose

    i really do love kelis. thanks for showing some love to her again. nobody even pays enough attention to her. “like you” is one of those summer songs that you will have in your head for roughly four months.

  3. MC

    I disagree. This album is 3/4 great.

  4. TRILL

    KWH was actually the best R&B album of 2006. The most orginal one as well. Its sad that people slept on the album though. Trilogy was supposed to be the 3rd single in the U.S. I actually heard it on the radio a couple of times. I wish the song would’ve blew up. :(
    I know she would’ve made an amazing music video for the song..

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