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Jun 28th, 2007 // 10 Comments

- A Peel Session from the great Electrelane. [The Runout Groove]
- Andre 3000 gets animated. [exitfare]
- A Baltimore club tribute to Disco D. [Government Names]
- Napster’s latest campaign has them saying, “Hey, we still offer free stuff! No, really … please … come … back…” [No Rock And Roll Fun]

  1. beta.rogan

    Nice to see some real Baltimore club getting some play, rather than that B.S. Spankrock nonsense.

  2. Dan Gibson

    I don’t think Spankrock really claim to be b-more club, but regardless, if you don’t enjoy their music, I question whether you possess a soul.

  3. Al Shipley

    Haha, I just realized that 2 of the other blogs linked in this post got the same spam. Idolator, are you a friend of Mike Shit?

  4. beta.rogan

    Well, perhaps I was overly negative there. I don’t think I would label them as strictly Baltimore club, and yes, I do like their music (what I’ve heard anyways) but there’s no denying it is certainly Knucklehead influenced…

    I suppose my issue is that they (Naeem) aren’t really from Baltimore originally and I see them getting coverage that I feel real Baltimore artists deserve. Scotty B, KW Griff, Technics, Boo Man, K-Swift, Rod Lee and a hundred others all have been doing it for years, and they get nary a mention in most media outlets….don’t get me started on Naeem’s URB interview that was out a month or so ago…

  5. Al Shipley

    I thought the deal was that the Naeem guy was from Baltimore, but had been in Philly for a while by the time the group was started? Anyway, they’re definitely not club music, but I don’t really feel like I need a principled reason for not liking/posting Spank Rock’s music, I just think they’re wack. Holy shit @ that URB interview, though, I hadn’t seen that before. “You know my mom had me in the club; she gave birth to me inside the club.” LOL

  6. Dan Gibson

    @GovernmentNames: & @beta.rogan: The URB interview doesn’t seem that bad, but as far as Spankrock is concerned, they put on one of the best shows I’ve seen in recent memory. I guess I don’t really compare/contrast them with b-more club, which is a different, throughly enjoyable musical animal.

  7. beta.rogan

    Yeah, I have always thought of him as a Philly person. I have my doubts about him being from Baltimore proper. For example, in that interview they ask him about the Rave scene in Baltimore and said he didn’t know, he was always at the club or something. To be honest, you had to have been under a rock in the 90′s to not know there was a big Rave scene then. If you were at the club all the time, you’d be at Paradox a damn lot, and after all, everyone knows that Thursdays at Paradox was “white night” with all the Rave kids.

    I’ve seen Spank Rock a couple times and I’m not saying they don’t put on a solid live show…I had fun…I just want proper coverage for the real Baltimore.

  8. Dan Gibson

    @beta.rogan: That’s a fair assessment. I just want to make sure we agree on the real enemy: Aaron LaCrate.

  9. beta.rogan

    yeah, that’s a whole ‘nother story eh?

  10. Al Shipley

    Don’t even get me started re: LaCrate. I actually think most of the smear campaign against him is bullshit perpetuated by people much worse than him, but when I tried to tell his side of the story he was such a pain in the ass that I decided to shitcan the article and wash my hands of the whole thing.

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