File-Sharing Honeywell Employees Probably Not In Line For “Worker Of The Month” Honors

Jun 29th, 2007 // Comment

Investigators from the British Phonographic Industry have raided a Honeywell plant in Scotland that manufactures electronic building control systems and allegedly hosted a huge file-sharing ring:

Investigators from the BPI raided the plant in Motherwell with police officers at 0840 BST yesterday morning.

… The BPI says the raid follows a two-month investigation prompted by a tip-off from a Honeywell employee.

The BPI said the information from the insider pointed to “thousands of music files being shared illegally”.

This is the first time that the BPI has raided a business in pursuit of illegal music filesharing. Previous such raids have concentrated on domestic filesharing.

It is illegal to copy and distribute songs on an internal company computer network but no company has yet been prosecuted due to such activites taking place on its premises.

And with that, we felt a pang of sympathy for IT drones all over the UK, who are probably right now having their weekends ruined by scouring their companies’ networks for file-sharing repositories. (And getting the ones that they have the hell off the premises.)

Piracy police raid Honeywell site [BBC]

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