• Audif Jackson Winters III

    This whole thing (Live Earth) makes me mad, because despite the presumptively good intentions, you know that it’ll just result in jerk-off musicians who criss-cross the planet in private jets feel good about themselves for things on the level of, yes, using biodegradable guitar picks. I mean, isn’t Puff Daddy performing at one of these? I’m supposed to listen to a guy whose personal diamond purchases probably resulted in the limb amputations of an entire village in Sierra Leone lecture me about social responsibility?

  • nonce

    Do you think maybe Linkin Park is *made* of wheat? That would explain my reaction every time I hear their songs. Team Celiac!

  • Anonymous

    Celiac is more common than most people realize, but it lacks a definitive test. Perhaps doctors should just throw on “What I’ve Done” and watch ‘em squirm!

  • RepentTokyo

    calling wood unsustainable is ridiculous. Wood comes from trees. Much like wheat, you can plant new trees when you cut down the old ones.

  • pjohn

    yeah, but it takes alot longer to grow a TREE than it does a stalk of wheat.

  • Tenno

    I’m pretty sure my church used these for ceremonies. Delicious wafers.

  • RepentTokyo

    @pjohn: that is where proper forest management comes in.

  • AcidReign

    &nbsp &nbsp I wonder if those heavys would be a decent replacement for the Fender Extra-heavy? I pick-slide mine to death. That, and my pick-harmonic technique eats little divots into less-than-really-hard picks, too. It would be nice to toss zippered picks into the garden, instead of the landfill!

    &nbsp &nbsp And no, using metal picks doesn’t work well for me, although I’ll use a quarter in a pinch. Metal on metal creates a tone of its own, whereas plastic is more of a percussive, atonal thump.

  • KinetiQ

    Actually, celiac disease is a reaction to gluten, not necessarily wheat. Rye, barley, and rarely oats can trigger it as well.

    Just don’t get the guitar pick (or drumstick) into your small intestine and everything should be fine.

    People get pretty picky (har har) about their plectra though, and if the drumsticks don’t imitate hickory well (as well as hickory or nylon tips) then you can forget anyone using them.

    Love their website too. – “Who said metal wasn’t GREEN!!!” …certainly not ?uestlove…

  • Tenno

    Why does saving the earth have to be so fucking expensive?

    buy this car for 30,000 and save the earth

    here’s 5 hangers for 10 bucks, go save the earth

    crisped a murderer? for 2000 you can have his corpse! tasty!

    This is just like the Mexican farmers replacing their tasty tequila cactuses for corn, fucking wheat fields as far as the eye can see…