Is Clive Davis Now Art-Directing “Cosmo Girl”?


Because really, we can’t fathom any other explanation for the seventeen ways that this cover is completely unflattering to Kelly Clarkson. (Her eyes! Her phantom right hand!) Please, Narvel Blackstock–make sure this never happens again.

New Magazine Covers! [Kevipod Music]

  • the rich girls are weeping

    Worst. Airbrushing. Ever.

    Is it just me, or does she look like she just had some sort of hideous dental surgery as well, over on the right side of her face? Obvs, someone got a little overzealous trying to digitally shave off unsightly meatscarf issues or something.

    Also, yellow is SO not flattering to her coloring.

  • capn_guthrie

    @therichgirlsareweeping: I think she actually might be chewing on a gobstopper.

    also this: I like how they clearly attempted to cover the worst parts of the photo with more text than usual.