Live Nation’s Attempt To Be “Helpful” Only Prolongs Morrissey Fans’ Anguish

Jul 5th, 2007 // Comment

morrissey.jpgToday, this e-mail went out to people who bought tickets for Morrissey’s Saturday night show at New York’s Madison Square Garden–which didn’t happen, thanks to the throat infection that’s plagued the singer for the past week and a half (via The Music Slut):

*At Live Nation, we want to create great experiences for our customers. That’s where you come in — we want your feedback on Morrissey at Madison Square Garden Arena.

If you thought Morrissey was great – tell us! If you thought Morrissey was just okay, tell us! Whatever your reaction – tell us! Your feedback helps us build a better concert experience.

The folks at the Music Slut asked their readers for advice on how to reply; we just hope the e-mail servers at Live Nation are advanced enough to accept tears.

Live Nation – Get A Clue! [The Music Slut]


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