Will Justin Timberlake And Timbaland Save “Curtis”?


Yesterday, the news broke that 50 Cent and Justin Timberlake had recorded a “porn duet,” with Timbaland twiddling the knobs (okay, okay, sorry). The track was originally called “Ayo Technology” (it’s since been renamed “She Wants It”), and it has 50’s typically fleet wordplay on display:

A source told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “The track is an analogy for watching porn. The word ‘technology’ was put in as a way to replace what they really wanted to say – ‘pornography’.

“It’s all about being fed up with having to make do watching dirty movies and how desperate they are to have real-life stunning girls.”

Yes, because Jessica Biel is apparently not hot enough for Justin. But wait, it gets better:

Justin and 50 – real name Curtis Jackson – will reportedly film the video for the song this weekend with Los Angeles director Joseph Khan. It will see the pair star as sex-obsessed Matrix style secret agents who spy on women.

Uh … right. Anyway, the track’s made its way out to the Internet, and listening to 50 and Justin trade verses is sort of like hearing a live feed from a room where everyone is straining to get a “C” on a test (Timbaland should have saved his malfunctioning-Atari beat for Shock Value). The flophouse reaction was pretty similar to Eskay’s schadenfreude-tinged review at Nah Right: “This and the Robin Thicke joint are the songs Curtis is hoping will save the fiasco of an album this is shaping up to be. ” Will it work?

Well, not to rain on 50’s birthday parade, but: Probably not. Sure, pairing up with cutie-patootie Justin will probably thrill 50’s newer, younger fanbase, as long as their parents stay blissfully unaware of what 50’s actually rhyming about. But at this point, 50’s “throw any guest appearance against the wall, and see if it sticks” approach to Curtis is making me wonder if he should just trash the whole thing and spend the next year making Vitamin Water ads.

(And one last aside to Justin: If you want to help out an album in limbo, may we suggest that you bring your talents to one of your former bandmates’ rescue?)

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