Music Writer To Record Label: “Would You Like Me To Listen To This Disc Before I Review It?”

eisley.JPGA music writer who was sent a promo copy of the new record by Eisley has a note for all of you music critics who get around the watermarking that makes CDs unplayable in post-1996 stereo models: The old “stick it in an old boombox that’s been collecting dust for 15 years” trick doesn’t work anymore!

This morning, I decided to listen to “Combinations,” so I brought in my archaic portable CD player, just in case it didn’t work on my computer (it didn’t). And guess what? The stupid CD doesn’t play in that either. As you may have seen in a previous post, watermarked discs also don’t play in DVD players and car audio systems. So I ask you, Reprise/Warner Brothers, “Where am I supposed to listen to this CD that you want me to review?”

We’re stumped, too. Maybe their answer will be “In 1985″?

note to labels: stop watermarking your discs if you want people to review them! [chasing coolness]