Sunshine Anderson Survives Label Drama, Macy Gray

sunshine_01.jpg The music industry rarely allows for second chances, especially in the notoriously fickle genre of R&B. However, Sunshine Anderson made a step towards a comeback this weekend at the Essence Festival in New Orleans, and I’ll take any opportunity I can to post the video for “Heard It All Before”:

There are probably a number of reasons that can be pointed at for Sunshine Anderson’s six-year hiatus between releases, but I’m guessing one factor can be fairly singled out–her manager was Macy Gray. That’s right, notably unstable Macy Gray. Managing someone’s career. Seriously.

In an earlier interview, Anderson told The Associated Press that her latest release, “Sunshine at Midnight,” though a longtime coming was well worth the wait. She said her former manager, singer Macy Gray, coined the title phrase and was the oft-given response whenever Gray was asked, “When’s Sunshine going on?”

Anderson said she would always be grateful for the lessons learned from Gray.

“At the time we were together, I was very naive. But she refused to let me get swallowed up and I’m forever grateful for that.”

After their partnership ended and record company politics forced her out, Anderson said she went through “a lot of heartache and woe is me.”

“But I realized that I’m in charge of my own destiny and I’ve got to move forward,” she said.

Is Matthew Knowles–who Sunshine chose as her new management–the best choice for a manager these days? Maybe not, but studies have shown that a chipmunk with a oversized calculator would manage a career more effectively than Macy Gray. It’s clear Anderson has some talent to share with contemporary R&B audiences; “Heard It All Before” still holds up six years after its release.

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  • Rob Murphy

    Oh, this is great news! I loooooooooooved “Heard It All Before” — still do — and I always wondered where SA went.

    I’m also especially excited that a real talent is coming back to the female R&B genre, which has had very few solid offerings in recent years. Just the other day I was listening to Kelly Rowland’s Ms. Kelly and lamenting the fact that I could only think of a few modern female R&B artists to classify as her “peers”. Maybe Alicia Keys… Kelis… Fantasia… Blu Cantrell — whatever happened to her???

  • Rob Murphy

    @DHMBIB: Obviously, I committed a faux pas by briefly failing to recall — and list — Mary J. Blige. Silly me…

  • Chris Molanphy

    I remember Sunshine Anderson broke at the exact same moment as India.Arie, and I actually found her (Anderson) more interesting; but the Starbucks/VH1 crowd latched onto Arie, and that was that. Glad she’s back, Knowles or no Knowles.

  • cassidy2099

    Another great Sunshine Anderson appearance is “Easy” on Groove Armada’s last album, Lovebox.

  • Al Shipley

    The fact that none of the commenters seems to realize that Sunshine Anderson’s 2nd album actually already came out five and a half months ago, and went completely under the radar, signifies that she’s not actually making much of a ‘comeback.’ Shame, too, I loved “Heard It All Before,” as well.

  • Dan Gibson

    @GovernmentNames: I blame that Knowles character.

  • Reidicus

    Tsk. A whole day of Dan Gibson posts and I remained stone sober throughout. Promises, promises.

  • Dan Gibson

    @Reidicus: You weren’t looking hard enough. I can’t make it too easy for you.

  • MJ

    Ooooh, I remember this video! It’s sad that she was denied the opportunity to release her album for six years.

    It’s also sad that Adam Sandler got a whole movie out of the concept of this video.