Morrissey Fans Boycott ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ Appearance

Morrissey fans organizing “boycott” of Late Show With David Letterman over late-night host’s “anti-vegetarian” “humor” during their idol’s appearance. If they were real fans, they’d boycott over the air conditioning. [senorita incognito]

  • loudersoft

    How about they use that organizational energy to organize a protest against this war we have going on (which, according to all recent poll data, is the most unpopular war in the history of our country sponsored by the most unpopular president in the history of our country)?

    As long as George W. Bush is running this country, David Letterman should get a free pass.

  • chrisb

    Morrissey fans and Clay Aiken fans are cut from the same cloth.

  • Whigged

    No they aren’t. Morrissey fans aren’t in denial about their hero’s sexuality.

  • Nicolars

    They’re just in denial about humor, reality, etc…

    And I say this as a fan.

  • brasstax

    Good point. Why are many Morrissey fans so humorless when the man himself is quite the comedian?

  • Slugicide

    Clip of Morrissey commenting on the ribs.

  • Anonymous

    Big LOL @Whigged!!!

    My feelings for Moz run very similar to my feelings for the Catholic church…I’m cool with the source, but I can’t stand the fan club.

  • Hyman Decent

    Hey, lots of Morrissey fans are meat eaters and many are deriding this boycott over on Morrissey-Solo (assuming all those anonymous posts aren’t from one person).

  • scarymuppet

    The show’s version of events
    Seems that the ribs had nothing to do with Morrissey, but rather were for a scrapped “Will it Float?” segment. Good thing they didn’t do “Know Your Cuts of Meat” that night.