Hip-Hop Star’s Entourage Growing By The Nine-Month Interval

Jul 12th, 2007 // 9 Comments

From today’s Page Six: “WHICH hip-hop legend is going to go broke paying child support? Besides his known baby mamas, seven months ago, a member of his entourage gave birth to another child of his, which was the last straw for his girlfriend.” Considering that the most-emailed story in the item’s sidebar is headlined “DIDDY BABY MAMA MOVES OUT,” it’s not too hard to hazard a guess–although this item is definitely worthy of some blind-item-writing kudos, since referring to the flow-challenged Diddy as a “legend” is a great way to throw readers off the scent.



  1. Bazooka Tooth

    Diddy not a legend? You think just anybody has the talent to be in the background of BIG’s songs going, “yeah, yeah,” and “c’mon”?

  2. Kate Richardson

    Amazing headline.

  3. Chris Molanphy

    It’s all about the Benjamins…and the Jacobs, the Olivias and the Hannah-Janes.

  4. Jupiter8

    Hey, he can’t name a restaurant after EVERY one of his kids…

  5. loudersoft

    Between Uptown Records and Bad Boy Entertainment, not to mention an entire hip-hop-centric clothing line, Puffy definitely qualifies as a hip-hop legend. You don’t have to like him, but you gotta respect him.

  6. Chris Molanphy


    Farnsworth, is that you?!

  7. Bazooka Tooth

    Louder- I don’t have to respect shit. That guy is a no-talent ass-clown. Listen to ‘Ready to Die’ and ‘Life After Death’, and you will hear what a fucking joke he is. Plus, any “rapper” who gets good rappers to ghost-write his rhymes for him has too much money and not enough talent. Running a clothing line doesn’t make you a legend.

  8. nonce

    Shouldn’t we think of this as a feminist victory, where a (hip-hop_ entourage can consist of members of both genders, and women in an entourage don’t automatically get labeled as baby-mamas–oh, wait.

    Ms. needs a hip-hop beat.

  9. the earl grey

    i just want soem real tabloid tales of diddy & sienna miller, both have been keeping it on the DL since Oscar time at least

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