Hip-Hop Star’s Entourage Growing By The Nine-Month Interval

From today’s Page Six: “WHICH hip-hop legend is going to go broke paying child support? Besides his known baby mamas, seven months ago, a member of his entourage gave birth to another child of his, which was the last straw for his girlfriend.” Considering that the most-emailed story in the item’s sidebar is headlined “DIDDY BABY MAMA MOVES OUT,” it’s not too hard to hazard a guess–although this item is definitely worthy of some blind-item-writing kudos, since referring to the flow-challenged Diddy as a “legend” is a great way to throw readers off the scent.


  • Bazooka Tooth

    Diddy not a legend? You think just anybody has the talent to be in the background of BIG’s songs going, “yeah, yeah,” and “c’mon”?

  • Kate Richardson

    Amazing headline.

  • Chris Molanphy

    It’s all about the Benjamins…and the Jacobs, the Olivias and the Hannah-Janes.

  • Jupiter8

    Hey, he can’t name a restaurant after EVERY one of his kids…

  • loudersoft

    Between Uptown Records and Bad Boy Entertainment, not to mention an entire hip-hop-centric clothing line, Puffy definitely qualifies as a hip-hop legend. You don’t have to like him, but you gotta respect him.

  • Chris Molanphy


    Farnsworth, is that you?!

  • Bazooka Tooth

    Louder- I don’t have to respect shit. That guy is a no-talent ass-clown. Listen to ‘Ready to Die’ and ‘Life After Death’, and you will hear what a fucking joke he is. Plus, any “rapper” who gets good rappers to ghost-write his rhymes for him has too much money and not enough talent. Running a clothing line doesn’t make you a legend.

  • nonce

    Shouldn’t we think of this as a feminist victory, where a (hip-hop_ entourage can consist of members of both genders, and women in an entourage don’t automatically get labeled as baby-mamas–oh, wait.

    Ms. needs a hip-hop beat.

  • the earl grey

    i just want soem real tabloid tales of diddy & sienna miller, both have been keeping it on the DL since Oscar time at least