Megadeth Frontman Responds to Negative Reaction

davemustaine.jpg The Megadeth frontman responds to the smackdown his anti-UN song got the other day: “I would rather feel right and be wrong with the semantics or facts in the song and have expressed my right to free speech, than to feel wrong and be right and sit back, like the rest of the cowards of the world, not saying anything.” [Blabbermouth]

  • FionaScrapple

    Dave Mustaine for President!

  • PengIn

    I would rather feel right and be wrong with the semantics or facts

    I look forward to Megadeth playing the Creation Museum this fall.

  • Anonymous

    Dave, can I call you Dave? Thanks.

    Anyway, Dave as someone who loved your music in junior high, you might want to just sit the next couple plays out. See people in junior high or with junior high mentalities are the people who listen to your songs and that means they either A. Don’t give a fuck about the UN or B. will actually take your idiotic and factually unaware songs as some sort of truth. The UN is not an evil shadowy cabal. I get that world peace is decidedly “un-metal” but really?

    In any case “It is better to say nothing and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

  • rinjonjori

    Lets not give Dave the amount of credit he gives himself on world issues or any issues for that matter. That being said I still think “Peace Sells… whose buying?? is a great song.

  • FionaScrapple

    Take your own advice, my man.

  • Jupiter8

    Good news! Now the GOP has someone who can play the 2008 convention other than ZZ Top, Sara Evans or Lee Greenwood…

  • Chris N.

    Are feeling right and being right mutually exclusive?

  • Anonymous


    Jesus Christ I am fucking stupid. I was pretty sure I had a point there. I need to get some sleeep I guess.

  • katieee

    This misstep in young Dave’s career isn’t nearly enough to keep me from being mesmerized by his fiery mane. Really, Dave. Shut up about politics and how Metallica 86′d you like 50 years ago and start a line of hair products for the stylish hesher.

  • PengIn

    If we’ve learned anything today (and I’m pretty sure we have), it’s that thinking you’re right makes everything OK. Also, in Mustaine’s case, we learned that sobriety can make you kind of a dick.

  • noamjamski

    Mustaine actually dropped the ball by not engaging the guy.

    The author completely either misquoted parts of the song, or revised Mustaine’s intent by assigning identities to cryptic pluralized pronouns.

    The song is pretty scathing but in an anti-war, y’all are idiots for letting the US do whatever the hell they want while you are pretty damn corrupt yourselves kinda way.

    Not in the God bless our president who was right about the Iraq war and you’ll be sorry when we find all those WMDs they’ve been hiding kinda way.

    And on a purely musical level, show me someone who hates Megadeth and I’ll show you someone who hasn’t heard “Rust in Peace.”

  • MJ


  • Anonymous

    I am completely distracted by the fact that in the photo above he’s managed to simultaneously rock a “poodle perm” and a “farrah flip”, which is an accomplishment that I didn’t think was technically possible. Amazing!

    So Dave, you were saying something about the UN?

  • spencercarnage

    Oh, he’s still butt hurt over Metallica kicking him out. Don’t pay Mr. Mustaine no never mind.