Listening Station: I Just Want to Stand and Cheer As They Come

parade.jpgParade, another Athens band, are a nice little surprise: their first album had a great cover on the outside but only had standard-issue indie inside. They’ve just put out an EP, though, that starts off with the kind of track you’d think would have bloggers rushing to their laptops. It’s called “That’s Hott,” and it’s thin and bouncy and builds the tension then lets it all go. Also, bloggers will post anything having to do with Paris Hilton.

Parade – That’s Hott [MP3]
Parade [Myspace]

  • zaky

    What the hell is this? This sounds like something along the lines of a bunch of drunk indie girls playing Cranium. Idolator, what happened to all the fab Congolese dance-hall music you used to leak to us?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah this ain’t great, or even good.

  • brasstax

    The haters are out today, damn. I actually like this too, Mike…sort of like updated Pylon.

  • the rich girls are weeping

    Oh bloody hell, this was great until the singing started. Can someone please tell all the girls in bands out there over a certain age in a certian kind of band NOT TO SING LIKE THIS?!?! AGGGGH. PLEASE.

    I like the no-waveyness of the instrumentals, though. Nice.