Job Hunting In The Web 2.0 Era: Now With Added Humilation

Diddy is clearly entranced by the power of YouTube, and now he’s taking that fascination one step further: Instead of looking for a personal assistant by doing something boring like asking for cover letters and references, he’s asking those looking to organize his late-night Burger King runs and complicated finances to upload videos stating their case for employment worthiness. (That sucking sound you heard was the country’s newspaper publishers, whose classified-ad revenue has taken yet another body-blow.) One tip for aspiring targets of Diddy’s day-to-day freakouts: If you really, really want the job, you may want to make sure that your interviewer can actually hear you.

Diddy’s Assistant [YouTube, via ProHipHop]

  • Jerkwheat

    Diddy, Kige Ramsay.

    Kige Ramsay, Diddy.


  • PengIn

    I’m sure Ma$e is putting something together as we speak.

  • sweatpants

    is that goldie playing in the background? thats weird.

  • beta.rogan

    I’m sure that the final contestants, sorry applicants will have to walk to Brooklyn to get Diddy some cheesecake, or to Memphis for some BBQ or something.

  • Bob Loblaw

    @pr0ff3ss0r_j3rkwh3at: We don’t really do the whole +1 thing over here, but Christ, what a pair.

    “I believe that the remix shows a lack of originality, and it would be
    a good idea for you to invent melodies and lyrics that come from your
    own brain, not from the brain of other–”

    “Bitch, massage this Proactiv into my back. And why are my walls covered in wood panel?”

  • MJ

    I think he’s actually looking for a new girlfriend he can control.