broken%20computer.jpgHey, your pals at Sony here. Remember that program on our compact discs awhile back that locked your computer and possibly opened up massive security issues? I know we settled the case, and admitted some liability, but we just wanted to get back to you, the consumer, and clarify something. It totally wasn’t our fault. It was the company that we hired to build the program in the first place. No hard feelings, right? [TG Daily]

  • loudersoft

    Dear Sony:

    Fuck you and your shitty fucking excuses. Record losses in your business attest to the fact that we, the consumers, are sick and tired of shit-swabbing stunts like this and we don’t want to give you more of our hard-earned money to invest in technology that ultimate screws people over. Get back to us when you accept total responsibility and while you’re at it, take a month off. You’ve earned it.

  • Chad Pedroso

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