Sly Stone Beams Into Amsterdam

Clips of Sly Stone’s performance at Amsterdam’s North Sea Jazz Festival on Sunday night have been floating around online, and while the first clip–which is equally devoted to Stone’s band wondering if he’s going to show up and a sleepy rendition of “Stand”–is a bit cringe-inducing (especially those confused-crowd shots before Stone comes on stage), clip No. 2, which is above, sounds much better, particularly the simmering version of “If You Want Me To Stay.”

Sly & The Family Stone 7-15-07 North Sea Jazz Festival 2/3 [YouTube]

  • Thierry

    The first half of “If You Want Me to Stay” sounds a bit too much like ODB-covers-Sly for me, but the 6 minutes of this clip that follow his piano solo really make me hope for a full tour!

  • Vince Neilstein

    If you don’t get chills from watching this there is something wrong with you. Brilliant. It doesn’t get much better.

  • Thierry

    Still, I can’t help but wonder what the ghost of Eazy-E is doing there onstage.

  • Jupiter8

    I love Sly but I hope he doesn’t become the new Brian Wilson…

  • Chris Molanphy

    To me the truly amazing part is the performance of “Sing a Simple Song” — close your eyes (Sly does look a bit sad and dottering) and you could swear you’re hearing peak 1970 Family Stone playing.