The Reason Behind (Sorry) Kelly Clarkson’s Butt Finally Revealed

Jul 17th, 2007 // 7 Comments

cacfigures.jpgIt’s pot munchies. Yes, Kelly has admitted to chowing down on a pot cookie, but only in Amsterdam, like so many twentysomething tourists before her, and only that one time. Frankly, her aw-shucks! response to societal transgressions, however minor, just makes me love her more. (Especially since her saying that since that one time she’s been “oregano-free” just made me imagine her as Doug from MTV’s The State.) And I’m not sayin’ that hangin’ out with Mike Watt had anything to do with Kelly’s experimentation, I’m just sayin’ you gotta watch the motin’ Thurston, your fuckin’ memory just goes out the window.

Kelly Clarkson has confessed to eating a cannabis cookie []

  1. mike a

    watt never seemed like much of a stoner to me – that seems incompatible with his econo lifestyle. i guess kelly’s luckily she didn’t have pete doherty as a producer. or paul leary.

  2. Bazooka Tooth

    I’m Kelly and I’m outta heee, outta heeeee, outta heeeerrrre.

  3. Jerkwheat

    Kelly, do you even know who Mike Watt is?

  4. Vince Neilstein

    Oh, you mean Uncle Bob? I’m Doug, I’m my OWN generation!

  5. MTS

    I thought the correct word in “Providence” is “mota” — I’ve read that in a couple places.

  6. Pop Cesspool

    Time to break out that ol’ copy of Big Bambu:

    The sun kisses the morning skies
    The birds kiss the butterflies!

  7. Anonymous

    [le sigh] this is why i love this site.

    i <3 nerds who drop early 90′s MTV sketch comedy show references.

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