Metallica Fans Refuse to Dream It’s Over

Jul 17th, 2007 // 5 Comments

metallica.jpgThe BBC has bowed to the bitching of 400 or so whiny Metallica fans who complained about the Beeb snipping the band’s Live Earth performance short in favor of showing a little Crowded House. People, Lars Ulrich does not need any more encouragement in acting like an entitled asshole.

BBC Apologise for Metallica Coverage []

  1. joshservo

    I love how between this, and the “We want Barabbas” ire that Crowded House provoked from the throng of Rage fans at Coachella, that these perfectly pleasant, unassuming Kiwi senior citizens have become the scourge of metal fans everywhere. Oh, wait. Did I say, “metal fans?” I meant “dickbags.”

  2. Mick Kraut

    I am a Metallica fan from way back (back when they were good, whatever that means) and on their best day they cant touch Neil Finn’s mediocre work…

  3. Adam Bernard

    More than 400 people watched Live Earth?

  4. bruzie

    The strange thing is that I’m sure that Crowded House were on a lot earlier than Metallica was at the time so the Beeb could have shown all of the Metallica set and then shown the CH bit during some down time (or at least when the Pussycat Dolls were on).

    The best part of the Metallica set was when they were on stage with Spinal Tap, ‘cos Lars wasn’t there…

  5. Anonymous

    lars ulrich had every right to sue the people who were downloading free stuff from the metallica site, if the fans of metallica did not like that then shove it up ur ass coz id get pretty pissed off to so FUCK YOU!

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