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losing.gifSome rarities from Flop, semi-scientifically proven to be the greatest powerpop band in the world between 1990 and 1995. [lamestain]


  1. coolfer

    flop wasn’t even the best power pop band from seattle during that time span. imo, the posies were infinitely superior to flop. “dear 23″ in 1990 and “frosting on the beater” in 1993…two of the better power pop albums of all time.

  2. xtianrut

    @coolfer: Can I get an AMEN?!? Posies served up the finest of pop coming out of anywhere in the ’90s. I’d pick “Amazing Disgrace” over “Dear 23″ though.

    Flop was pretty bad-ass too. Can you say “bad-ass” about a pop band, or is that reserved for rawk?

  3. loudersoft

    “whenever you’re ready” is so sadly overlooked though and, worse, wasn’t marketed particularly well by Sony.

    but the entire Northwest pop music scene — which definitely included The Posies, Young Fresh Fellows, Flop, The Fastbacks, Super Deluxe, Tubetop, PUSA and so many more — is consistently mineable and loveable. so much great music that never made it past the gates of “the g word” (i can t say it) it should be considered a crime.

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