50 Cent Might Want To Quit It With All The “Why These People Don’t Sell Records” Yammering

Jul 17th, 2007 // 19 Comments

fiveoh.jpegXXL‘s Web site has the latest 50 Cent interview in which he talks about why other rappers will never, ever be as awesome or popular or rich or cool as he is. This time, the rapper in question is Nas, and the culprit is books:

Nas is a really smart guy. He reads books constantly. We were around him on the Nastradamus tour. He was almost weirder than me ’cause we would go to breakfast and he’d be there reading a book. Conceptually, I think that’s what made him drift away from what his initial audience enjoys from him and why he’s not hot right now.

Because he reads too much?
Yes. He’s feeding you too much information in the music and they don’t actually want it. He’s like a teacher.

It’s like every time this guy opens his mouth, you can’t help but think of how much you’re going to enjoy it when Curtis completely bricks, no? (Although it is kind of cute when Fiddy talks about his next album’s February 2008 release date. At this point, it’s probably not a good idea to even assume that Curtis will be out by then.)

50 Cent: I Was There Part 2 [XXL, via Nah Right]

  1. Adam Bernard

    Having interviewed 50 a number of times I know that dude reads plenty. You don’t make the business moves he’s made by watching reruns of Jerry Springer. It’s really sad, though, that he feels playing the role of the idiot will garner him more fans.

    Oh and Oochie Wally was like a college course from Nas, right?

  2. The Van Buren Boys

    I hate to admit it but he’s probably right to an extent. Just look at the charts for what’s popular. Nas has his fanbase and does well, but he doesn’t have the huge hits that some others do. Let’s be honest, “Party Like a Rock Star” isn’t exactly thought provoking but it’s a pretty big song. Much bigger than Nas’ last single (just a guess, correct me if I’m wrong). I like Nas a lot and don’t believe that he’d ever sink to 50 Cent’s level just to sell more records, but he probably won’t sell as many records as him. Outside of Kanye West and maybe Outkast, what was the last really thought provoking hip hop single to really make any head way on the charts?

    Just for the record, I hope Fiddy’s album bombs heroically.

  3. Bazooka Tooth

    I don’t think it’s that 50 feels playing the idiot will get him more fans, it’s that playing the idiot will garner him more fans. People would rather Rock wit it and Lean wit it than hear something smart that actually has anything at all of substance to say.

  4. TPAR

    Illmatic is Nas’ greatest album and is what gained him wide respect…and put him in the top 5 of mose people’s greatest rappers ever list. To say that it wasn’t filled with intelligent substance that was probably inspired by books he read is just not true. 50 is wrong here.

  5. spinachdip

    @Adam Bernard: You kinda hit it with the Oochie Wallie ref. If you think Nas is underwhelming because he reads too much, try listening to him when he tries to dumb it down – he wasn’t exactly trying to find rhymes for “library card” on Nastradamus. After Jay-Z called him out and nearly ended his career, he seems to have realized that, at least for him, book learnin’ isn’t such a bad thing after all.

  6. Murgatroid

    @The Van Buren Boys: I’m not going to directly answer your rhetorical question but really, the worst Outkast single is a hundred times more “thought-provoking” than the best Kanye single.

    *thinks about “Roses”* Okay, so maybe not. But on the mic, Andre and Big Boi can rap worlds around Kanye. The latter is overrated as hell as a rapper. I still don’t know how he has his own records out. I just wish he’d stay behind the boards (and even then…after “Stronger”, maybe that’s asking too much).

  7. cortez625

    @The Van Buren Boys: Yeah, no offense, but Kanye the lyricist is horrible.

    “There was an accident like GEICO / They’re trying to burn me up like Pepsi did Michael!”

  8. The Van Buren Boys

    I didn’t know some people here were so uppity about Kanye West. Oh well, agree to disagree I guess. But I think we can all agree that 50 Cents sucks.

  9. Ted Striker


    50 Cent doesn’t care about black people?

  10. janine

    @TPAR: It goes without saying that the commercial landscape for hip hop in 1994 was very different. I can only guess how much of what sold then would sell now (Doggystyle would probably do well). Hip hop is pop music now (that doesn’t preclude intelligent lyrics, but it doesn’t encourage them either).

  11. loudersoft

    @Ted Striker:
    Apparently not because to hear him tell it, none of them sell records like he does

  12. TPAR

    @Janine, no doubt…but my point was, 50 was saying that Nas was “hot” before because he wasn’t inserting intelligent lyrics, inspired by books he reads in his old raps, but now that he does, he isn’t “hot” anymore…that’s just historically not true.

    Anyway, i think 50 strategy is to re-create his underdog image, hence his slow disengagement with his own G-Unit and his constant beefing, with everyone. Ja is making a comeback…and I think this is good for 50. His M.O. is to attack from the bottom and come out on top…he’s not the same when he’s on top. We’ll see if that Vitamin water money will make it impossible though for someone who is on top, to manufacture an image of being the underdog again, circa “wankster”.

  13. loudersoft

    50 Cent is the black George Bush of rap music.

    Yeah I said it.

  14. sarahrose

    everyone knows smart rarely sells, whether it’s music or not.

    but why does it sound so fucking stupid when 50 says it?

  15. Adam Bernard

    @The Van Buren Boys: You mean get away with buying it off of Rhymefest, right?

  16. CloneOfAaron

    God, I hope his record flops so damn hard. Nothing would make me happier.
    Adam, I agree. 50 doesn’t seem like a stupid guy, I think he just pretends to be more stupid than he is.
    Also, it wouldn’t hurt Nas to stop playing the grumpy old statesman of hip hop and just kick some braggadicio raps over Premier and Large Professor beats.
    That would be great.

  17. The Van Buren Boys

    @Murgatroid: I agree with you on Outkast. I like them a lot more than Kanye. However, once you get past that Kanye is a narcissistic prick, he is quite good. There are very few people in hip hop who can get away with a song called “Jesus Walks”.

  18. courtneyf150

    Wow….being from Houston I always hear East coast hip-hop heads complaining about how southern rappers are “dumbing down” hip-hop, now this clown is talkin about an intellectual rapper reading too much??? Come on “fiddy”, this “beef” thing got old after Game called out G-Unit and all of a sudden “Beefmaster 50″ wanted to squash it all.

  19. DJGee

    It bothers me that 50 Cent is making a big deal because Nas likes to read. He is trying to make reading look uncool. 50 is really holding our culture back by glorifying violence, drugs, and money, while putting down things like intelligence and loyalty. I hope Hip-Hop sees this sooner rather than later and stops supporting him. Enough 50 Already!

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