Spice Girls Reunion Providing Publicity Opportunities For Many


In anticipation of the Spice Girls’ reunion tour, the Daily Mail catches up with five Spice Girls impersonators–pictured above–and lets them reminisce about the whirlwind of fame they experienced during the group’s height. Natalie Peters, the 31-year-old who’s a dead ringer for Emma “Baby Spice” Bunton, talks about what she’s been doing lately:

Luckily, I never gave up my day job – I juggled my lookalike work around the bank, and these days, if a job were to come up, I’d have to ask Boots, where I’m currently working as a customer services assistant, for time off.

With the Spice Girls re-forming for their tour, I’m excited about the prospect of more lookalike work, but as yet nothing has materialised.

Even in everyday life I still get the odd member of the public doing a double-take when they see me.

But it’s only for a split second before they realise that however bad things may have got, Emma Bunton isn’t working in a chemist’s in Kent.

Well, no. But you have to admit: a spaghetti-sauce ad isn’t much of a step up. Will the Spice Girls lookalikes be heading back to the big time too? [Daily Mail]