No Dice On Fugees Reunion Album, Says Least Famous Member Of The Fugees

Jul 18th, 2007 // 9 Comments

300px-Pras_-_Ghetto_Superstar.jpgPras, best known for coming off like a guest rapper on his one big solo single, says that the Fugees reunion album is kaput. He blames Lauryn Hill for the holdup, a theory that holds water since Hill’s been a known quantity of crazy for quite some time. Instead, we’ll be blessed with a Pras solo album that will quickly brick in time for the all-important fourth quarter. In other Pras news, for the two fans who aren’t his creditors, he’ll be starring in an upcoming documentary about the homeless. (Write your own gag.)

Pras Goes Homeless on Film, Says Fugees CD Is “Dead” [Billboard]

  1. dollywould

    “for the two fans who aren’t his creditors…” Ouch! Hilarious, but ouch.

    On a side note, that link reminded me how much I miss ODB.

  2. brainchild

    No one wants to admit it…


    “The Score” was a fluke. Their first album was garbage, and no one would have cared if Salaam Remi hadn’t stepped in and saved them with that “Nappy Heads” remix.

  3. Felonious Monk

    Yo, Ghetto Superstar was awesome.

    “Strike with the forces of King Solomon, lettin bygones be bygones and so on and so on…”

  4. The HZA. [member of the zombie nation]

    I forget Pras did Ghetto Superstar.

    I thought it was ODB. But I was like 10 at the time, so whatevs.

  5. Silverfuture

    Since the advent of Youtube I’ve been searching for a clip I remember of “Ghetto Superstar” being performed live. I’ve not been sucessful, so maybe the braintrust here can help. It was on an “urban” late night chat show hosted by Sinbad (Vibe, maybe?) and ODB just went nuts as the song was ending yelling about how he was now Big Baby Jesus. Does anyone remember this? Is it online? Can a brotha get a link?

  6. brainchild

    @heathermylove: ODB was on the song with Pras & Mya.

  7. IgnoreMagazineShill

    Hey Maura,

    Thanks for the commenting privileges! Not really an Ignore Magazine shill, that was a joke!

  8. IgnoreMagazineShill

    Hey, I read this blog all the time, and I noticed a tendency towards these “insert gag here” jokes you do. What’s up with that? Why do people write that? It seems so lazy. All you can manage for a scenario that, by your admission, is an easy set-up is that hacky cop out?

    This is probably a pretty futile comment anyways being that no one will ever see it because I doubt I’m going to score an account with this kind of dick headed first entry.

  9. Maura Johnston

    @IgnoreMagazineShill: surprise!

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