New Disney CD Format Offers Basically The Same Crap CDs Have Always Offered

Jul 18th, 2007 // 4 Comments

endtroducing.jpg Disney is hoping to target young folks–you know, the ones ditching compact discs like a bunch of rats deserting a ship after they’ve feasted on the scurvy-ridden sailors–with the new CDVU+. The “upgrade” offers “digital magazine extras, song lyrics, band photos and other extras,” some of which sounds an awful lot like the stuff CDs have been offering for decades, except on your computer. Hey, don’t many major labels already include “digital booklets” with their downloadable albums, like the one I got with my copy of The Emancipation of Mimi? At least the packaging is recyclable. Too bad about all those Jonas Brothers discs that will need to be landfilled in six months, though.

Disney Music Label Offers New CD Format [Reuters via Yahoo]


  1. loudersoft

    Coming soon to a BluRay Disc near you: personalized Mousketeer 2K7 DVD’s with your child’s ACTUAL name on.

  2. Feh Am Legend

    Cause that’s what the young kids are hot for, press kits.

  3. drjayphd

    @loudersoft: If they’re anywhere near as grating as the “30 minutes of music with your child’s name in the lyrics!” CD’s that they’ve been shilling in local ads around here, I’d expect them to sell a whopping four copies.

  4. KinetiQ

    “Good lord is this a bad idea. Here, have the cover of Endtroducing to take your mind off of Disney.”

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