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Only someone who never lived the horror of working a retail job in the late ’90s while being terrorized by Eagle-Eye Cherry and Natalie Imbruglia on “All the Hits, None of the Rap” radio could have written this ass-backwards paean to Third Eye Blind. (I’ll still rep for Semisonic, but not with a gun to my head.) [Blender]

  1. enriquez the water bottle

    Was this written by Patrick Bateman?

  2. Antiheroine

    I’m not going to defend Third Eye Blind either – but please don’t make me throw away the fond memories of my teenage crush on Stephen Jenkins. It was a lot less harmless than many other crushes I’ve had.

  3. prolixrush

    Ooh, do I spy a tiny Tiny Mix Tapes swipe?

  4. Halfwit

    While I won’t argue with the solid nature of the first 6 songs (I don’t have the tracklisting, but all the songs mentioned do stand up well), it is pure revisionism to “forget” that the second half of that album sucked REALLY hard. It was almost a throwback to the 60s, where you simply didn’t flip over some albums.

    However, I’m gonna stand behind Collective Soul as a pretty decent post-grunge singles act… I’m sorry.

  5. also-ran

    It’s funny because I’ve been revisiting that record lately myself. And I’ll go one step further and say that not only are the first 6 songs awesome, but that the album closes with the greatest pop-rock 1-2 punch since Automatic For The People.

    Fire away.

  6. Felonious Monk

    hey, what about matchbox 20′s first album? have we all forgotten how brilliant that one was?

    I’m joking, of course. How come every couple years stuff that was “ok” flips to “shitty” and then magically becomes “awesome and underrated”? Fuck nostalgia.

  7. Rob Murphy

    I’m only a little bit embarrassed to share this story.

    I had heard “Semi-Charmed Life” a gazillion times, but I had never really listened to it.

    Until I finally got it, while watching TV with the volume off.

    It was New Year’s Eve ’97, and I was bartending a private NYE party. We had Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve [or whatever that heinous thing is called] on the teevee — to watch the ball drop — with the volume off and the closed-captioning on. 3EB were guests that year, and they “performed” “Semi-Charmed Life”. And to my complete amazement, they “performed” a completely un-radio-and-TV-friendly version, and to my further complete amazement, ABC’s captioning spelled the whole drug-and-sex-fueled madness out for millions of deaf-and-hard-of-hearing grandmothers.

    I agree with most of what the Blender writer had to say. most of 3EB’s stuff has held up well. “How’s It Gonna Be”. “Jumper”. “Graduate”. Even later stuff like “Never Let You Go”.

    And remember Stevan Jenkins’ and Rob Thomas’ “feud”?

    God, I miss millenial pop.

    Just think — only 2 more years before we note the 10-year anniversary of the Backstreet Boys’ Millenium, and the awesome goodness that was “I Want It That Way”. And three more years until we talk about N’Sync’s No Strings Attached. And BSB’s Black & Blue. “The Call” rocks!


  8. Feh Am Legend

    @Thierry: Wow, I’d never paid attention to the lyrics. Not sure how you got ecstasy from there, but name-checking meth right in the song, pretty ballsy.

  9. Juancho

    As far as jazz-trumpet progeny goes, Nas>Neneh Cherry>Eagle Eye Cherry.


  10. Thierry

    @puffermedia: Actually, I guess I always assumed that the “hit” that he was given was something other than the meth he mentioned earlier, but you’re probably right.

  11. Thierry

    I’m not going to defend Third Eye Blind’s first album, but it still amazes me that someone could get such a huge radio hit with a song so explicitly about oral sex, blow, crystal meth and ecstasy. I guess it proves people really do only listen to the chorus.

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