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snipshot_e49mb5xfb1e.jpgComing to a TV near you (or your parents) this fall: “An episode of “Cold Case” will feature only Nirvana music.” Hooray, Courtney Love can nourish herself once again! [Show Tracker]

  1. loudersoft

    i want to barf

  2. PengIn


  3. dollywould

    Meh. However, I would totally watch an episode of Law & Order featuring only music from N.W.A.

  4. cstmr srvc

    younger demo?
    arent all of the nirvana “fans” now in their 30s/40s?
    unless i missed something here and the band has been placed in the rural misfit pantheon alongside the likes of the doors and pink floyd…

  5. Maura Johnston

    @cstmr srvc: for cbs, that’s still a younger demo.

  6. Feh Am Legend

    @maura: Heh! Well they got my viewership when we see the all Tad episode of Numb3rs.

  7. loudersoft

    Oops thats NBC ahh well

  8. nonce

    I’m ok with bulk sales of Nirvana songs as long as they come with a codicil requiring the buyers to prominently feature “Rape Me” in the most inappropriate possible context.

  9. katieee

    I’ve watched this show probably… 15 times (Sunday night dinner at the parents’, it’s on after 60 Minutes, what can you do) and they always feature a contemporaneous soundtrack to whenever the murder first happened. I remember one episode featured Oasis. It’s cheesy as all get out, but no one expects any less from CBS.

    Did anyone see Pitchfork’s coverage of this? They pointed out that they usually ignore – shudder – network TV, but this piqued their interest. Jesus Christ, give it a rest.

  10. davidm

    Didn’t they announce they were doing something like this on CSI Miami, and then ended up not using Nirvana?

  11. loudersoft

    @puffermedia: An all Gas Huffer episode of Law & Order: SVU

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