Just A Reminder: If You’re Going To Shill In Our Comments Section, At Least Be Artful About It

A note to the people over at Ignore Magazine, and anyone else who wants the Idolator team to pay them notice: Using free e-mail hosts to bombard us with phony e-mails from Stereogum readers who claim to have been led to “great content” on your site is a surefire way to aggravate us. But having an intrepid shiller for your site use our comment section to do some damage control? It’s pretty amusing, especially when said person can’t get his story straight in his repeated attempts to post. Readers, meet DonnaSummersLoveChild, and his obviously conflicted feelings on Ignore’s Dan Deacon interview:

In Comment No. 1, DonnaSummersLoveChild isn’t too keen on the piece, but he sure likes the magazine:

Yeah, that article is shitty just like Deacon. I hope it was meant to be ironic. The mag surprisingly looked pretty classy though.

Yes, any magazine that has a regular feature called “Twigga My Nigga” must be “classy.” But wait, there’s more! An hour and 42 minutes later, DonnaSummersLoveChild got the joke, or at least figured out that he shouldn’t be slagging on Ignore’s content in an attempt to lure people over to the site:

Ha! If you people aren’t seeing the satire behind that article then you are probably a part of the joke. props to my new favorite mag!

From “classy” to “new favorite”! Well done, DonnaSummersLoveChild–surely both those adjectives will look swell on Ignore’s plea for advertisers.

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