Dead Rock Star Files: Do You Know How Much A Pair Of Glasses Costs These Days?

Jul 19th, 2007 // 3 Comments

glasses.jpgHow are you celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love? Some people* are scooping up every one of the Rolling Stone Top 40 Albums of 1967. (Who can blame them? Disraeli Gears, people!) Some are dropping acid and out, not necessarily in that order. Me? I’m bidding a million and a half on a pair of old specs in the name of out-of-control icon-worship. Who else is in? Bueller? Bueller?

Lennon’s glasses for sale in Web auction [Reuters]

* Unless you’re the person who started this thread. “Aretha Franklin never played an instrument in her life!” Except for the piano she’s seated at in every picture of her in a studio ever! You tell ‘em, assembled Monkees fanboys!

  1. zaky

    Aretha is a bad-ass piano player. Amen.

  2. VanillaXtraDry

    interesting how this pair is going for over a million when a simingly similair pair at a Vegas auction run by a rock n roll memorabilia icon didnt sell NEAR that much a few weeks ago. hmmmmm….

  3. AcidReign

        Maybe I’m getting senile, but I thought the Summer of Love was 1969, not 1967. Of course, I was in grade-school back then, and maybe I didn’t know my numbers, yet.

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