Taking Stock of the Go-Betweens

Jul 19th, 2007 // 1 Comment

mclennanforster.jpgLots of good stuff in this lengthy profile of Robert Forster, a year and change on from the death of his Go-Betweens partner Grant McLennan, which also doubles as a history of the band. The main thing that emerges is the way that people who were bohemians while young try to hold onto it–their bohemianism, not their youth, though the two can seem more intertwined than they necessarily are. Which just makes this quote from the GBs’ bassist Adele Pickvance more poignant: “We had these songs. It was totally up. I thought we’d be pushing each other up on stage in wheelchairs. I think it would have been endless. There was no reason for it not to be.”

Me and My Shadow [The Courier-Mail, via ILM]


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    Wow, as I was reading this post “Streets of Your Town” came on through the ol’ iTunes. Bizarre.

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