Looking Back At A Week That Wasn’t So Great For Our Self-Esteem

Jul 20th, 2007 // Comment

yourmp3blog.jpg- We found the people who make up Pitchfork’s hit count.
- We looked at what Rock Of Love said about the state of the groupie, and shuffled our feet about recapping it.
- We pitted MIMS against the Fray in an old-style rumble.
- We flipped our dials to Radio Disney.
- We talked about Blender‘s pop destiny.
- We tried to figure out which female singer was forcing her bandmates to put out.
- We watched Amy Winehouse, and said “no, no, no.”
- We couldn’t stop picking on Curtis. (It’s so hard not to, really.)
- We caught up with one of the Lyte Funky Ones and got his thoughts on the American judicial system.
- We gave you a little Night Music.
- And, last but not least, we introduced you to the newest member of our gang.

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