Jul 20th, 2007 // 5 Comments

Mary Huhn and Maxine Shen present a fairly amazing list of the 100 Best Cover Songs in the New York Post. They also offer a few MP3s, including a cover of “Hey Jealousy.” [NYP, via LHB]

  1. tigerpop

    Good list, except that Fountains of Wayne’s version of “Baby One More Time” was way better than Travis’.

  2. Mike Barthel

    @tigerpop: Agreed! I think that’s the second time I’ve said that to you today. Weird.

  3. FunkyJ

    I think that list sucks.

    Tainted Love by Inspiral Carpets needs to be there. As does Ride’s cover of the Model, and Carter USM’s cover of Pink Floyd The Wall, and Neds Atomic Dustbin’s cover of “I’ve never been to me”…

    Hell, just put all of Ruby Trax on there… 40 amazing covers right there!

    Also anything by Richard Cheese…

    Other notable omissions:

    “I Fought the Law” by Dead Kennedys
    “Benny and the Jets” By Beastie Boys
    “Heart Breaker” but Dread Zeppelin

  4. FunkyJ

    Oh, and how could I forget Carter USM’s “Impossible Dream”

  5. Jim

    I agree with the above poster, “I fought the law” should have definitely been there.

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