Jul 20th, 2007 // 2 Comments

Brian Joseph Davis, who records for that Blocks thing (i.e. the label of Final Fantasy, Tokyo Police ClubNinja High School, etc.), records an arrangement for women’s choir of the Sony/BMG EULA (i.e. the thing that pops up on your screen and you click “Agree” to without reading when you put a CD in your computer) in honor of this. It’s not very interesting, but that’s the point–boring words that you don’t notice set to music that it’s hard to listen closely to without drifting off to thoughts about blueberry pancakes and Designing Women. Yay art! [Wired]


  1. ZipZapZopZoup

    Tokyo Police Club are on Paper Bag, not Blocks. Perhaps you’re thinking of Ninja High School?

  2. Mike Barthel

    Argh, stupid orientalism. Thanks!

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