Name A Disco Song From 1990, Win $100

Jul 23rd, 2007 // 2 Comments

MickeyDisco.jpg Speaking of disco (no Muppets this time, sadly): Nothing quite justifies the internet like the kind of bonkers curatorial derring-do that would have no place in the relatively saner (if only because paper costs money) world of books or magazines. And something that fits the bill just perfectly is Disco Savvy, a “chronicle of disco music from 1972 to the present” that was passed on by Idolator pal Wizard is Hungry. Along with more important stuff–like reviews of every Shalamar album–the site lists some 5,800 disco songs broken down by year/decade. The only problem is that the site’s proprietors have yet to find a single disco song released in 1990, and they’re offering $100 to the first person to find one. But there are certain requirements you must meet before Disco Savvy will hand over a crisp Benjamin:

The criteria are as follows:

1. Its initial commercial release in any format (including an LP, CD, audiotape, or single) must have been in 1990, and not in an earlier or later year. Promotional releases sent only to DJs and radio stations in 1990 do not count, unless there was no subsequent commercial release. Video releases do not count; it must be audio only.

2. The song cannot include samples.

3. The song can be a cover version of an older song.

4. The song may be either a live concert recording or a studio recording.

5. The song cannot be in the “electro” category, but must rather meet the criteria for what disco is that are outlined here and must in my judgment have a disco sound. Usually at a minimum this requires a true disco bassline and fairly constant disco beat around 120 bpm, and the sound will trend towards disco rather than house, techno, electro, etc. where if someone heard it it would be clear there is a disco flavor somewhere in it.

6. The song cannot be so spare in sound that it has only drum beats and nothing else.

7. At least some lyrics must be sung, as opposed to spoken. Rap-disco hybrids where there’s switching back and forth are acceptable.

8. You must supply an MP3 of at least a minute of the song to me, or show me a place on the Web where I can hear it, and provide documentation of its release date if I cannot find it myself.

9. No one is disqualified just because I already know you.

Despite the fact that the last submission “currently under evaluation” dates from 2005, the reference to Blake Lewis’ performance of “You Should Be Dancing” on American Idol this year makes it seem like site is still updated with some regularity. So do you know any songs that fit Disco Savvy’s bill for a disco tune from 1990? $100 can buy an awful lot of Jack Daniels wings and appletinis at T.G.I. Friday’s.

Disco Savvy: 1990s Disco [Disco Savvy]


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  2. Chris Molanphy

    Meh…forget it. If these guys think “Everybody Everybody” by Black Box is “electro” I don’t want to take part in their stupid contest. (I would’ve been more sympathetic if they’d called it “Italo-house,” which is what it is.

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