Pete Doherty May Show His Ass In Public (Literally)

Jul 23rd, 2007 // 8 Comments

74876691%282%29.jpgDespite all the crack and littering busts, Pete Doherty’s greatest crime may be just around the corner: Tapes of the corpse-y Babyshambles frontman/junkie and ex-girlfriend Kate Moss apparently having the palest, boniest sex in history are missing, and Moss worries they may be leaked to the internet. An anonymous informant (no Deep Throat jokes, please) has told the U.K.’s Sun that out of the eight tapes (!) the couple made of their drug-fueled rutting, two are “missing.” Now this is probably just the moaning of a nervous ex-girlfriend, but it’s also the first time in history that I’m hoping a celebrity sex tape actually stays off the net. Unless Doherty pilots a boat (or maybe one of those double-decker buses) with his wang, of course.

Kate Moss Sex Video Might Become Leaked on the Internet [Exposay]

  1. Ned Raggett

    Good lord did I ever *NOT* need to read this right before lunch.

  2. Jupiter8

    Wow, Kate’s reputation is really going to take a hit if this gets out…

  3. Nicolars

    Bleurgh, I would pay good money just to ensure I never see this.

  4. janine

    The money from the sale should keep Pete high for minutes.

  5. Chris Molanphy

    Hey, was the ban on Doherty news a Brian thing? ‘Cuz I must say (no offense) I was largely in favor of it…

  6. Herman Menderchuk

    Damn, this is the most disturbing sex tape since the infamous Scott Stapp Goes Wild video.

  7. MJ

    *sighs* I guess you didn’t inherit the Dohertorium from previous Idolators…

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