Another Record Label For Sale, But This Time, The Price Is Higher

Jul 23rd, 2007 // 9 Comments

200px-Sympathy_logo.jpgThe long-running independent label Sympathy For the Record Industry, which has put out records by the likes of the White Stripes, Hole, and the criminally overlooked Shitbirds, is on the block, and unlike the mystery label that was on Craigslist last week, this one can be all yours for a cool $625k (or $700k, if Sympathy’s current owner doesn’t like you):

Known for a multitude of things including releasing early efforts by Hole, The White Stripes, Turbonegro, Rocket from the Crypt and The 5,6,7,8′s as well as resurrecting the classic music of immortals such as Roky Erickson, New York Dolls, Suicide, The Gun Club, Spacemen 3, The Scientists and Wanda Jackson and lets not forget the serious concentration on a plethora (like that word??) of bands in hot beds such as Memphis, Detroit and Montreal and also being among the first to look towards the Far East to unleash the demented and curious off-kilter sounds of those crazed ornamentals (Asians to you of a p.c. mindset)…
So what?? ‘Big deal’ you say, well, Sympathy has also worked with underated and seemingly unsung heroes like Billy Childish, The Oblivians, Holly Golightly la la la etc and are hailed for recognizing and employing important visual artists to create wonderous covers by Mark Ryden, Camille Rose Garcia, Yoshitoma Nara, Liz Mcgrath, Coop, The Pizz, Dan Clowes blah blah blah la la la etc ad infinitum…
Sympathy are also responsible for releasing records by untold bands of differing degrees of talent with really cool names like The Pleasure F*ckers, Banana Erectors, Anal Babes, Candypants, Teenage Larvae, Tri-State Kill Spree, Iowa Beef Experience, The Child Molesters, Penetration Moon, Smegma, Ethyl Meatplow, The Spaceshits and Destroy All Monsters…

The buyer also gets “questionable/nebulous rights to nearly 750 releases by over 550 bands,” a library of rarities, and a whole raft of slogans like “18 years of performance anxiety, instability and poor judgement.” Hey, that last thing alone must be worth a buck-fifty, right? So who wants to start apssing around the Idolator hat?

FOR SALE Preeminent Independent Record Label [two-bit johnny's MySpace blog, via Can't Stop The Bleeding]

  1. Delicate

    Long Gone John famously “didn’t do paperwork” on any of his releases, so the ownership of the master rights on SFTRI releases is questionable, at best. Left with nothing but dead stock, a name and website, the $650k sticker price seems high.

  2. Ned Raggett

    In the same way that Factory’s loss was LTM’s gain, somebody somewhere could be a savior…

    (Favorite unheralded Sympathy group: Satan’s Cheerleaders. Friendly folks, too.)

  3. Jupiter8

    Man that logo creeps me out…are you sure Prussian Blue isn’t on that label?

  4. noamjamski

    @Delicate: You can say that about the majority of indie labels, even the big ones.

    Can you imagine if Corey Rusk sold Touch and Go? Everything pre-Butthole Surfers lawsuit was done purely on a handshake or a beer. It would probably be the same caveat. “You *may* be able to put out all those Killdozer records. Up to you to convince the Hobson’s you are not a douche.”

  5. slutsky

    A friend of mine who was in one of the “really cool names” bands was laughing about that wording on Saturday…

  6. mackro

    I’m sad to see SFTRI up for sale. What a unique label, and what a unique man who is (still) running it. I really hope Long Gone writes a book one day. It would be one of the most interesting, certainly.

  7. Double-Crown-Records

    Word here in Bellingham, WA is that Estrus is done with new releases. They have been quiet for the past couple of years, but it was confirmed in What’s Up magazine, a local entertainment rag here in town, that there are no new releases planned. No further info was given in the article.

  8. Anonymous

    One of my favorite labels. Can’t help but wonder if Estrus ain’t too far behind.

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