(Preemptively) Free Ron Isley

Soul legend and “serial tax avoider” Ron Isley, now 66 and in ill health, was hit with five counts of tax evasion last year, which may earn him up to three years in the federal pen for skipping out on filing his return. Fans of Mr. Big are taking it all the way to the White House, however, petitioning the President to commute Isley’s sentence despite the fact that, you know, it probably wouldn’t do him any good legally. (Unless George W. is a really big Isley Brothers fan.) While my mother would disown me if I didn’t stand up for an Isley Brother, maybe the threat of prison will force Isley, who’s been accused by prosecutors of making a longtime habit of this sort of thing, to reform his tax-dodging ways. (Dear IRS, please don’t audit me.)

[Black America Web]