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Fans of classic D.C. hardcore band Government Issue will be saddened to learn that singer John Stabb was attacked and put into the hospital last week by group of teenagers. But take heart and blast Joyride tonight, because there’s a benefit planned and a PayPal account if you wish to donate and help offset his medical bills. [Matablog]


  1. dippinkind

    It’s awesome to see you guys are helping to spread the word about this, it REALLy sucks what has happened to Mr. Stabb. My wife was one of those early DC hardcore folks and has a little more info on the situation posted on her Flickr page about it, which I’ll copy below:

    So far John knows the following is likely to happen: ” metal plate under my right eye, another near my right temple, my nose put back in place, and my upper broken jaw realigned into place. man, am i f’n mess. so i’m going to be one of those geeky looking dorks with the jaw wired shut like … for 4-weeks & suck all my food through a straw … which is pretty much all i have been doing since my painful night. and i have a bit of a blockage in my ears that i’ve always been able to take care of by using earplugs onstage … and i’m hoping that won’t be permanent. that scares the shit out of me i tell you what. …”

    ….”this is all going to cost far more than either mikastabb or myself (the hospital does accept my insurance plan but the surgeon doesn’t) can even remotely afford. my wife is stuck in a shitty dead end job at a used book shop till she can find something better with benefits …..” and of course John isn’t going to be working, so there’s lost wages on top of the medical bills for them to deal with.

    I’ve known John since 1980, he’s been through a lot & he’s not one to easily ask for help. This is one of those situations that can be devastating–or–with the help of friends–can be turned around into something manageable. If you can contribute in any way, please do so through the links above. Thank you!!

    John Stabb Benefit Website:

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