George W. Bush Apparently Not Chummy With Many Record-Industry Lobbyists

Jul 24th, 2007 // 8 Comments

bushie.jpgPresident Bush stopped by Opryland last week, and apparently one of the record labels with an office down in Nashville sent a hapless intern to the presidential press conference in hopes that an industry-friendly quote could be coaxed out of the Commander in Chief. Of course, the president being the president, he played dumb when asked about whether or not artists should be paid royalties for radio play:

QUESTION: Mr. President, music is one of our largest exports the country has. Currently, every country in the world — except China, Iran, North Korea, Rwanda and the United States — pay a statutory royalty to the performing artists for radio and television air play. Would your administration consider changing our laws to align it with the rest of the world?

THE PRESIDENT: Help. (Laughter.) Maybe you’ve never had a President say this — I have, like, no earthly idea what you’re talking about. (Laughter and applause.) Sounds like we’re keeping interesting company, you know? (Laughter.)

Look, I’ll give you the old classic: contact my office, will you? (Laughter.) I really don’t — I’m totally out of my lane. I like listening to country music, if that helps. (Laughter.)

Our President On Performance Royalties [Hypebot]


  1. Ned Raggett

    Meanwhile, Karl Rove is down with the kids. Or rather, Moby. Sort of.

  2. Chris Molanphy

    I can’t believe I’m about to do this, but: good for Bush. I’m not sure I’d want him to know what the hell they’re talking about. (I wish this extra bandwidth in his knowledge would lead to a solution/withdrawl from Iraq, but nevermind…)

  3. Ted Striker

    George Bush doesn’t care about black artists.

  4. Bazooka Tooth

    George Bush likes country music?

    You don’t say.

  5. Recury

    I guess I like Bush now?

  6. bnb614

    I actually think it is refreshing he said that. When was the last time you saw a politician not pretend to know everything?

  7. Trackback

    It seems like a great idea – the music industry sends a stooge down to Nashville to ask George W Bush a loaded question (in effect, ‘should we be nice to music industry companies or should we be like the Axis of Evil?’).

  8. FunkyJ

    @bnb614: I always thought Bush pretended to know nothing… “acting dumb”.

    If he really does know nothing, that’s a damn scary situation for the world!!!

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