Jul 24th, 2007 // 4 Comments

A Girl Talk fan comments on Greg Gillis’ recent stint opening for Widespread Panic, which ended in a heap of vomit and passed-out girls (well, okay, one of each, but still): “Don’t security understand that pissing yourself and barfing all over the place is our way of showing our deepest RESPECT for the artist?” [Girl Talk's MySpace Blog, via Pitchfork]


  1. cstmr srvc

    i would probably throw up, too, if i had to sit through a girl talk set.

  2. Bob Loblaw

    @cstmr srvc: That joke was gift-wrapped
    for you, placed on a twenty-foot pedestal and pointed at with a big
    neon arrow, in front of enormous speakers blasting “Ride of the
    Valkyries.” Congratulations, though.

  3. cstmr srvc

    @Bob Loblaw:
    sick burn. sick burn, indeed.
    Go back to Bard, and don’t come back until you’re funny, not “funny.”

  4. Bob Loblaw

    @cstmr srvc: Sorry, got carried away. I like Girl Talk, is all.

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