Which Artist’s Representatives Forced MTV To Spike A Column?

Jul 25th, 2007 // 10 Comments

mtv.jpgThis week’s edition of the MTV.com column “Bigger Than The Sound” is a curious mea culpa for last week’s installment, which was a (kind of funny! and we’re not just saying that because it linked to us!) look at the idea of “anti-buzz” and how any press is conceivably good press. That piece isn’t on MTV’s site anymore, in large part because writer James Montgomery tried to start some anti-buzz by offering wild predictions about why a few artists’ next albums would be disappointing. (As Montgomery puts it, “a representative for one of the artists I singled out was unhappy — and made her feelings known to my higher-ups.”)

The piece has been erased from the collective RAM of MTV’s servers, but Google cache never forgets; as it turns out, the six artists Montgomery mentioned in the piece were Panic! At The Disco, 50 Cent, Thrice, Blake Lewis, Weezer, and Cobra Starship. So which artist’s “people” complained about the satirical suckage-prediction? Time for another poll:

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The Case Of The Missing Bigger Than The Sound [MTV]
Anti-Buzz: From Kelly Clarkson To Indie-Rock Rappers, In Bigger Than The Sound [Google cache]


  1. Dickdogfood

    Fiddy is the only act listed for whom a chart anti-climax would actually mean anything, so it’s probably him, yeah?

  2. Fried Bologna Is Back!

    There’s a band called “Thrice”? I don’t know about album sales, but I predict that they suck.

  3. Feh Am Legend

    The “she” attempts to throw us off, which would indicate that it’s Panic! (you just know they’re girly), but do they really have enough pull with MTV to get something retroactively censored? I, too, will go with 50 because people are actually banking on this. I can’t imagine that he’s gonna like that feminine pronoun.

  4. Feh Am Legend

    Uh, I mean “her”.

    (You know I hate it when posters correct their hastily typed comments, but I also hate looking like I didn’t read the post.)

  5. Hyman Decent

    @puffermedia: Actually, the “her” refers to the flack, not the artist. And I recall that the flack for 50 Cent who had a fit about an EW editor’s stupid questions was a woman.

  6. Bazooka Tooth

    Who in the fuck is cobra starship?
    Besides the worst named band since, well, Panic at the disco.

  7. The Van Buren Boys

    Maybe it’s just me, but bashing 50 Cent and hoping his albums tanks is way more fun that it should be. I’m really enjoying this.

    @Fried Bologna Is Back!: Your prediction would be correct.

  8. Nicolars

    Curtis seems like the most likely candidate. You would think someone who has been shot that many times would be a little less prissy and fragile when it comes to criticism.

  9. goldsoundz

    Dude from Midtown’s band. I realize that doesn’t clear much up for most, but they are responsible for the Snakes on a Plane theme.

  10. blobby

    Also, 50 seems to be a little skittish at the moment, what with lawsuits against internet advertisement games and such.

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