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A publishing industry insider says that the price for a Keith Richards autobiography has reached “Bill Clinton money,” with HarperCollins and Little, Brown tossing around millions of dollars for the Glimmer Twin’s life story. I dunno, $7 million seems a small price to pay for what will likely be the first comprehensible things Richards has said in decades. [New York Business via The Daily Swarm]

  1. Dickdogfood

    The only way this book could shake me out of my Stones-related apathy would be a chapter entitled “I Feel Bad About My Neck.”

  2. Hyman Decent

    Oooo, I hope Keith does the Audiobook version!

  3. Nicolars

    @Hyman Decent:

    Yeah, the audiobook could be the only interesting thing to come out of this.

  4. CloudCarrier

    I’ve always held the notion that beyond the massive incomprehension, keef is more tightly held together than he lets on. I heard somewhere that he collects books for a hobby (no Dickens jokes, please), but that could mean that he just eats the pages in the middle of the night for roughage.

    As for the audio version, maybe he could throw a bone to the Legendary Stardust Cowboy.

  5. Bazooka Tooth

    Dick- So true, until you realize this guy will throw out a gem like this (from a real interview) fill in the blank, “The greatest site I have ever seen is. . .a woman with her legs spread,” and “The greatest rock n’ roll star ever is… me.”

  6. Kurt Gottschalk

    I read “Up and Down With the Rolling Stones” in high school. I don’t really remember it, but then neither does he.

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