“Now” Compilation Series Clearly Filling A Crucial Need For People Who Need To Hear Last Spring’s Hits

Jul 25th, 2007 // 8 Comments

now25.jpgThe latest installment in the Now series–which features songs that you’re already sick of like “Girlfriend,” “Beautiful Liar,” and (seriously) Daughtry’s “Home”–debuted at the top spot on the Billboard 200 this week, selling 223,000 copies to take the top spot. T.I.’s T.I. vs. T.I.P., the champ for the past two weeks, drifted down to No. 3, taking a 47% sales hit and moving 94,000 units.

Biggest Debuts: MySpace sensation turned Universal signing Colbie Caillat sold 51,000 copies of her debut album Cocoa, and entered the charts at No. 5. (Guess those 13,000-some-odd friends she had back in November were real–more than half of her sales (29,000) came through digital channels, and she topped the digital albums chart.) And emo-kids-with-a-violin Yellowcard (remember them?) sold 40,000 copies of their new album, Paper Walls, which put them at No. 13 for the week.

Notable Jumps: Bolstered by sales of Hannah Montana 2, no doubt, the soundtrack to the first Miley Cyrus Disney flick inched up the chart to No. 23 on a five percent sales gain. And the High School Musical soundtrack continued its creep back up the charts, shooting to No. 52 on a 47% sales increase. (It was actually tied with John Mayer’s Continuum, which also saw a 16% sales gain.) On the flip side, the TV exposure afforded by the Super Sweet 16 movie couldn’t help Aly & AJ, whose album Insomniatiac took a 47% sales hit and dropped to No. 31 from No. 15.

Dropping Off: After debuting at No. 2 last week, the Smashing Pumpkins’ Zeitgeist saw its sales tallies drop a whopping 71%, and the album dropped to No. 12 on 42,000 units shifted. Interpol’s Our Love to Admire plunged from No. 4 to No. 26 on a 69% drop, and New Wave by Against Me! plunged to No. 160 from No. 57, selling 4,600 copies (a 63% drop).

Nickelback Award For Inexplicable Durability: This week’s No. 3 digital track? Akon’s apologetic “Sorry (Blame It On Me),” which sold 102,000 copies. Just wait until it shows up on Now 27!

“Now 25″ Scores 12th No. 1 Album Of The Series [Billboard]

  1. Rob Murphy

    Wow, there’s some interesting stuff in this week’s chart report:

    * The Dutchess is still moving 50K units a week in it’s 44th week on the chart — I still find it hard to believe that 50K people a week who might be interested in The Dutchess still don’t have it;

    * The NAFID could just as easily have gone to its namesake, as Nickleback climbed back into the top 10 in their 94th week on the chart — without a current single — see also comment above — this CD has been out for almost 2 years and you’re a freakin’ Nickelback fan and you’re just now getting around to buying it?;

    And there’s also some interesting stuff I didn’t know about Now 25:

    * it contains songs by 4 different Idol finalists [Kelly, Carrie, Elliott, and Daughtry];

    * it contains 1 song that is currently in the Top 10 ["Buy U A Drank"]

  2. Chris Molanphy

    @DHMBIB: Good point all. One comment…

    I still find it hard to believe that 50K people a week who might be interested in The Dutchess still don’t have it

    It pains me to say this, but I think after (ecch) four hit singles, the Fergster is finally converting iTunes singles buyers into album buyers. She’s been the poster child for the iTunes era since “London Bridge” debuted a year ago, selling whopping amounts of 99¢ downloads (“Fergalicious” was the big winner of the post-Christmas iTunes sales rush late last year, moving more than a quarter-mil in a single week) but selling an unusually small number of full-length albums and actual CDs for a pop act with so many hits.

    I think the fourth single finally did the trick. And it doesn’t hurt that said single is a midtempo, radio-friendly ballad – the kind of thing Top 40 and “Hot AC” radio love, and which soccer moms (the kind who still buy plastic) enjoy.

    Mind you, I take no joy in any of this. Death to Fergie, etc.

  3. Al Shipley

    @DHMBIB: Yeah, I’m not saying that I think the album’s back in the top 10 solely because of a single that’s doing moderately well on rock radio right now. But you said the album was “without a current single” and I was merely correcting you. However, I do think that the record’s continued sales have a lot to do with their shrewd singles campaign, which has basically alternated between wussy ballads that VH1 plays to death and hard rock songs that get played to death on active rock stations, with little crossover in between. They’re like rappers who release a “street single” and a “mainstream single” at this point, which might be the smartest way to sell rock records these days.

  4. The Van Buren Boys

    Fergie and Nickleback make me sad on the inside.

  5. katieee

    Nickelback’s album has been out since 2005, proving that you can polish and squeeze a ridiculous amount of singles out of a turd.

  6. Rob Murphy

    No offense to anyone, especially GovernmentNames…

    I woulda thought the market for Nickelback-tribute -to-Dimebag-Darrell crowd would not result in sales of 50-ish-K-per-week. All The Right Reasons has sold over 8M world-wide. I suspect the 12 people who would buy it because it has a DD tribute haven’t really been responsible for the name of the “Nickelback Award For Inexplicable Durability.”

    Just sayin’…

  7. Al Shipley

    @DHMBIB: Nickelback actually does have a current single — the Dimebag Darrell tribute “Side of a Bullet” just went to rock radio pretty pretty recently, making it the 3rd radio single without a video from that album (in addition to 4 songs they did shoot videos for). They’re milking that album for all it’s worth, and it’s working pretty well.

  8. knuckleschool

    Nickelback is back in said upper reaches off the wonderous “Special Edition” re-release from 2 weeks ago. DVD with videos and tour diaries and stunning… whatever elses.

    It is also very possible 4,000 to 5,000 Nickelback fans re-purchase this CD weekly after they accidently back over it with their Motocross bikes.

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