Coldplay’s “Hispanic” Record To Be As Authentic As Microwavable Mexican Pizza

Jul 25th, 2007 // 4 Comments

Coldplay.jpgLooking for a way out of the valley of white bread, Coldplay are talking up their next album as “Hispanic themed,” which Spanish-speaking people everywhere should be pre-offended by. “No maracas or castanets but a vibrancy and colourfulness that owes much to the atmosphere of Buenos Aires and Barcelona,” the band posted on its Web site. Glad you could soak up a little color while lounging with the locals, Chris. Working with Brian Eno, weirdly idealizing foreign lands, hopped-up do-gooder shtick–all that’s left is a ritual blood sacrifice to Bono himself.

Coldplay Plan “Hispanic” Comeback [BBC]


  1. Ned Raggett

    I’m going to Spain
    Cousin Norman had a real fine time last year
    They say it doesn’t rain
    I hope I can quickly learn the language-eh

  2. the rich girls are weeping

    There’s a fork sticking out of my eye now. Yay.

    Oh, Brian, Brian — I know this gig paid well, but whyyyyyyyy?

  3. Dan Gibson

    I don’t think this sounds like that big of a deal.

    BTW, Eno produced the last Paul Simon record, so it’s clear the relevance of the artist isn’t too much of an issue at this point.

  4. MJ

    How quintessentially British, I’m surprised he didn’t mention Ibiza.

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